Grooming & Care

Deshed Package

Platinum Spa

Comfort Groom

Ask about our deshed packages! Your pet will love you and so will your vacuum!

Upgraded shampoo and conditioner, bluebery facial, teeth brushed, breath spray and nails dremeled.

For puppies under 4 months of age to familarize them to grooming. Includes bath, nail trimming, ears cleaning, feet and face trimming

Puppy Package

Whether your dog needs a trim or your puppy has taken a run in the mud, a visit with dog groomer will put a smile on their face, and shine in their coat.

Full grooming sevices include a bath with a premium shampoo, 15 minutes brush out, nails, ears cleaned and a hair cut of  your choice.

For elderly pets or puppies over 4 months that have little grooming experience.